It’s all about you and your project

Our success as trusted client advisors relies on matching the right people in our team with you, the client.


You can be confident that we will deliver on our promises, and ensure your project dollar is being used wisely.

You will be able to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge your project is in good hands.

It's that simple.

About us

‘People with the attitude and the energy to deliver.’

Caleb Ballin founded Cequent in 2008 out of a desire to pare back the complexity of project management and deliver a more client and solutions focused approach.

Cequent has earned a reputation for delivering smart project outcomes and value for money.

We operate nationwide and with offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

‘The real joy our team get from projects is working with people to get things built, but most importantly creating smart solutions that achieve our clients' objectives.’

Caleb Ballin

How we work

'We’re small enough to be agile, big enough to deliver with total certainty.' Jack Lyness


Great relationships

Working with the right people in the right way

Act with integrity

Always truthful and fair

Never hide behind technology

Resolving difficult issues in person or on the phone first

Efficient and effective

Communicate in Plain English

Keep it concise, and explain what people need to know

Prioritise time and resources

Identify what is important and deliver accordingly


Solutions orientated

Identify problems and solve them proactively

Show initiative

Have the confidence to be decisive


Create smart tailored solutions


Informal yet professional

Be friendly, respectful and genuine

Set the right tone

Let the client lead


Do what we say we will do

No empty promises


Always keep the lines open

Be accountable

Take responsibility


We recognise that the negative impacts from climate change are immense. This is an issue faced by the whole world. The environmental hazards that come with it will affect all New Zealanders, and need to be managed by Central and Local Government, business and home owners.

We believe the greatest benefit we can provide in sustainability is through the projects we deliver. Cequent is committed to integrating the principals of sustainability into our work. This is most cost effectively achieved when we are brought in at the early stages of a project. We work with clients to shape environmental or sustainable visions, strategies and success criteria that will give the greatest impact.

By intimately understanding our clients' objectives, we have delivered successful outcomes, time and again.

Caleb Ballin, Managing Director and Founder