Cequent Redneck Games

On a blustery winter afternoon, the Cequent Rednecks (and 1 army grunt) embarked on a road trip to Terrace Downs for the “Inaugural Cequent Projects Redneck Games”.

The games consisted of archery, clay bird shooting and golf and in true redneck fashion, the team opted to scrap the golf and head back to the Ballin Hororata homestead for pies and prize giving.

The major winners and losers of the games where:

Winning team  - Caleb “Crooked Teeth” Ballin, Lincoln “Lieutenant” Blair, Mat “Moonshine” Whittleston, Jack “The Crack..... shot” Lyness and last but not least Nicki “Honky-Tonk” Bennett.

Individual winners:

1. Jack “The Crack..... shot” Lyness  
2. Mat “Moonshine” Whittleston
3. Seb “The Marksman” Mcfadzean

Worst performance - Lucy “The Liability” Brown

Best dressed – Mike “Squeal Like a Pig” Gilbertson

Worst dressed - Lincoln “Lieutenant” Blair

Despite the weather, the team enjoyed a great day out. The games will be hotly contested in years to come.