Utilising technology to Improve the built environment

Cequent Projects are involved with promoting and using energy efficient technology on projects wherever we can, a recent example of this is a chilled beam system being installed at 141 Cambridge Terrace. 

Having a project team who are experienced in the utilisation of these kinds of ultra-efficient systems is essential, it means more than just instructing a mechanical engineer to "make it work" - systems like these have to be integrated into the design holistically. Effects on heat gain and loss, drafts, and energy efficiency is tied through all design disciplines, so to make sure that the project team are all on the same page is where the client needs a highly experienced and competant project manager. 

Air conditioning of the office spaces is to be provided by 4 pipe active chilled beams. The chilled beams will be suspended beneath the exposed double tee flooring system of the floor above. Chilled beams are a high efficiency air conditioning system due to their reduction in fan power when compared to traditional systems. They work by the active induction of air across a radiant ceiling panel thus using both convection and radiation to transfer heat to or from the surrounding space. 

The presence of the exposed concrete flooring system will aid the efficiency of the system by providing thermal mass to the space. This will act to stabilise the space temperature and provide thermal lag to offsetting peak loads. This allows opportunity to use the cool night air to pre-cool the building in summer effectively providing free cooling.