Letter to the Mayor - Boer War Memorial

A letter received by the Mayor's office from the Sumner Redcliffs Historical Society in regard to the restoration of the Boer War Memorial - Jo Grigg, Cequent Projects for Christchurch City Council.

"Dear Mayor

Please may I thank you for the great work your staff under Jo Grigg have done re the restoration of the above memorial.

I am delighted to know this Memorial is back in its rightful place, alongside our World War 1 Memorials.  It looks great.

Because of the earthquakes, we in Sumner have lost so much of the work put in by the Sumner Borough Council from 1891 until its amalgamation with the City in 1945.  What we have left is so important that we do not wish to think of the great work done by the Borough to ever be forgotten.

Jo Grigg came to us to learn how the Memorial was originally built and how it could be moved again and was so helpful.  It is great to know you have such enthusiastic staff.

Thanking you all once again.

Mrs M Rule

Hon. Secretary, Sumner Redcliffs Historical Society"