New time capsule - John Robert Godley statue

On 6th September a ceremony was held in Cathedral Square to lower a new time capsule at the feet of the statue of John Robert Godley.

The bronze statue was ejected from its plinth in Cathedral Square in the February 2011 earthquake (Projects - Heritage).  Two foundation deposits were discovered in the top of the plinth by a contractor and opened by then-mayor Sir Bob Parker in April 2011.

Cequent’s Jo Grigg has managed the restoration and seismic strengthening of the statue, which returned to its plinth in February 2015. The repair left no room for the original two deposits to be returned to their  position beneath the statue. The new time capsule, lowered by Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel, former mayor Sir Bob Parker and 5 year old Olivia Fryer on Tuesday, contains copies of the originals and contents as well as new items. The exact contents remain a secret however, Jo hopes they will provide some excitement when it is raised in 2067.

2067 will be the 200th anniversary of the unveiling of the statue. 

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