Wisdom and experience trumps youth and enthusiasm

On a cold winters evening a contingent of the Cequent team squared off in a paintball war that was to become the stuff of legends.

Despite being a man down and the setting sun in their eyes, the team of Richard 'Silver Fox' Cleave, Lincoln 'Linx Effect' Blair and Caleb 'Glass Ankle' Ballin, squared off against the much younger Cequent young guns, comprising Mat 'The Mountain' Whittleston, Seb 'The Enforcer' McFadzean, Mike 'The Shadow' Gilbertson and Simon 'Quickdraw' Winfield.

Despite winning 2 - 1 the old boys were humble in their victory and praised the young guns for their efforts.  True class.

Moral of the story...it just goes to show that youth and enthusiasm are no match for wisdom and experience.