Lake Tekapo Master Planning

Lake Tekapo Master Planning

Cequent Projects were engaged by Lake Tekapo Enterprises to facilitate a 50-year masterplan for their station that pays respect to the vision, values, people and places it is being designed for.

The purpose of the masterplan is to take a step back and consider the many different development options for the land with fresh eyes, providing both short term and long-term strategies to meet the vision and needs of the family – ethically and economically.

Lake Tekapo Enterprises’ Station – a merino and sheep farm totalling 9,700h is located in the Mackenzie District, to the west of Lake Tekapo, encompassing Mt John Hill and the tussock grassland area around Lake Alexandrina and Lake McGregor.

Engaged at the inception of the projects Cequent ‘s role includes:

  • Realising and aligning LTE’s vision and goals
  • Constructing a comprehensive roadmap for the delivery of the masterplan
  • Constructing a comprehensive programme for the project and subsequent works which also outlines the sequencing and staging of works
  • Procuring the design team
  • Aligning the design team and managing the design process
  • Understanding constraints: planning, infrastructure, cost and environmental
  • Identifies and understand infrastructure upgrades required
  • Liaises and aligns all key stakeholders including but not limited to; Client, Mackenzie District Council (MDC), The Community & Arowhenua and Local Iwi
  • Risk Management
  • Managing the consultant budget
  • Identifying and facilitating downstream projects

The process undertaken for defining the masterplan and the outcome of the masterplan itself will feed into the family’s succession plan. Through the work being invested now, it will ensure that the family’s values, goals, knowledge, and the economic benefits of their business can land can be transferred to the next generation of family members.