St Margaret's College New Chapel

St Margaret's College New Chapel

Cequent worked with St Margaret’s to deliver a successful restoration of the historic St Marks, Waiau Chapel.

Cequent developed the initial feasibility report, project plan and budget to help start the fundraising. Once the fundraising was complete, Cequent oversaw the relocation of this precious chapel from a farm in Waiau, to St Margaret’s, in the heart of Christchurch. An initial package of works was then completed to restore the exterior of the chapel and protect it from further weathering while the remaining funds were raised for the full project.

Once fundraising was completed Cequent oversaw the full restoration of the interior and install/upgrade of the required compliance works.

Due to the nature of the project and customer there was a real focus on communication with the various stakeholders and tight financial management of trust funds.

Throughout this project, Cequent worked as the schools trusted advisor and ensured that all deliverables were meet.

It was a privilege to be part of the project team and we look forward to working with the school again.